Discover the Hidden Masonic
History of BC & Yukon

British Columbia and Freemasonry grew up together.

In fact, they were officially created within
three months of each other, in 1871.

150 years ago many small towns in British Columbia, and what
was then still part of the Northwest Territories (becoming the
Yukon in 1898), began their story with 3 central buildings, a Bank,
a Post Office and a Freemasons Hall. Allowing for commerce,
communication, and Society.

Freemasonry created fellowship as well as cultivating moral and civil
character in its members. This acted as a
solid foundation for growth and prosperity
in many of these towns.

Gold, Furs, Trains, and Moral Character

People were drawn to BC and Yukon for the abundant
resources, the gold rush and the pacific railway. In each town, Freemasonry created fellowship and cultivated moral and civil character in its members.

The early locations of Masonic Halls trace the growth of communities and commerce throughout British Columbia and the Yukon.

Now you can discover this history by travelling it: along the route of the Gold Rush, the construction of the railway and early forts and trading posts.

How to plan your Masonic historical journey

1. Find a Lodge

2. Plan a route

3. Track your progress

4. See them all